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Tim O’Connell has been following a creative path from his earliest memories. His latest artistic expressions are abstract explorations using acrylic on canvas.

O’Connell’s current styles include an “atmospheric” vision that has been called everything from “space photos from the Hubble” to “Rorschach inkblots” where you the viewer apply your own interpretation.

The pieces feature vibrant color and smoky patterns that convey "other-worldly" themes and evoke shifting moods from heavy to light, placid to electric. An example is "bio-music".

Another current style is his "geometric" pieces which contain irregular and random rectangular shapes that mix and meld color and form. Like this one: "king of swing".

A third "ecstatic" style uses imagery of explosions and dramatic energy such as this "arab spring" piece.

O’Connell holds degrees from the University of Northern Colorado where he studied stagecraft and set design under Dr. Welby Wolfe and the University of Colorado at Denver.

Since the early 1990’s O’Connell has worked in the graphic design, advertising and web development fields.

Throughout his life he has experimented in various artistic arenas including set design for theater productions and ornate oak rocking horses for adults (one of which appeared on the cover of Life Magazine).

He is a third generation Colorado native, father to three daughters and grandpa to three youngsters.

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